March 30 & 31, 2019

Boca Chica Field, Key West


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Kate Kyer

Kate Kyer is from Honey Grove, Texas, where she and her husband (also a professional pilot) and three dogs keep their airplanes on a flying ranch. Kate has been flying aerobatics for 22 years, and the Pitts S-2B for 20 years in aerobatic competitions and air shows.

Kate began flying at the age of 16, and soloed an airplane before getting her driver’s license. She earned her commercial license, multi-engine rating, and flight instructor ratings by the age of 20. She attended the Institute of Aviation at University of Illinois.

Her career progressed from flight instruction, glider towing, to single- and multi-engine charter operations. Kate was a regional captain by the age of 23, and advanced to the big jets at the age of 24. She began her jet career in the mighty DC-8, flying all three seat positions on that aircraft spanning 18+ years. Kate is currently a captain for a major cargo airline on Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft flying intra-Asia and European routes.

She has been flying professionally for more than 30 years, and has over 17,000 hours of flight time in various single and multi-engine aircraft.

Check out Kate’s Facebook page: Kate Kyer Aerobatics!


About the Pitts

  • 2015 marked the official 70th anniversary of the Pitts Special aircraft type
  • Curtis Pitts began the design of a single seat aerobatic biplane in 1943; the prototype first flew in September, 1944. The aircraft evolved through several iterations, but the S-2 models remain quite close to the original S-1s in concept and design.
  • For many years, the Pitts Special became the standard by which all other aerobatic aircraft were judged. The Pitts Specials reigned supreme in world aerobatic competitions throughout the 60s & 70s.
  • All early Pitts aircraft were home built until the 1970s. The first S-2 model with two seats flew for the first time in 1967, and first went into production in 1971 after gaining its type certificate.
  • Kate’s Pitts was built by the Aviat factory in Afton, WY in 1994
  • Powered by a 260 hp AEIO-540 Lycoming engine
  • Roll rate of 270 degrees per second
  • Top indicated speed of 210 mph
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