March 30 & 31, 2019

Boca Chica Field, Key West


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Julie Clark

2018 will mark Julie’s 39th consecutive year of flying solo airshows in her Beechcraft T-34. “Taking aviation by storm” as she partners once again with Tempest for her 4th year. As her dear friend, and fellow “Legend”, Bob Hoover said at a recent Living Legends of Aviation dinner, “Not too many pilots can say they have been flying air shows for 37 years in the same airplane!”

Her unique and patriotic presentation, “Serenade in Red, White and Blue,” is beautifully choreographed to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” or “God Bless You Canada.”

Julie is a marvelous entertainer in every sense of the word. In addition to her amazing piloting skills… during her routine, Julie talks to the narrator and directly to your audience. One air show organizer, who has seen Julie perform dozens of times throughout the years, recently said that he “had never watched Julie’s performance where there wasn’t a mixture of spontaneous applause, laughter and even a few tears… Julie always leaves them wanting more!”

Enhancing her routine, multi-colored wing-tip smoke trails her every maneuver. In addition, Julie also can provide a spectacular twilight performance which involves wing-tip theatricals and dazzling, ground-launched, fireworks.


Julie Clark’s T-34

Restoration fans will appreciate that Julie bought her Beechcraft T-34 in 1976, “sight unseen” at a government surplus auction in Anchorage, Alaska. In 1977, Julie flew the airplane, dubbed Free Spirit, 2900 miles to her home in California.

Julie personally and painstakingly restored her airplane, then hand-polished the aluminum inside and out. Over the next four years, Julie spent many long hours bringing the airplane back to mint condition. Julie’s T-34, with its creative version of the “Air Force One” paint scheme, is meticulously maintained and continuously upgraded. The result is the most beautiful T-34 you will ever see!

Julie has recently added a new dimension to her T-34’s performance with the addition of Electroair’s, state-of-the-art electronic ignition system, coupled with Tempest high-energy spark plugs to her Eagle Engine by Ameritech. It produces approximately 300 hp and is coupled to a Hartzell three-bladed Designer “Prop” by American Propeller. This addition has significantly, enhanced her airplane’s capabilities. Although the T-34 aircraft saw countless hours in the 1950s as trainers for U.S. Air Force and for the U.S. Navy, the airplane demands tremendous skill to fly aerobatics, particularly as flown by Julie.

The T-34 requires concentration and anticipation during aerial maneuvers as the aircraft does not have an inverted oil or fuel system and inverted flight must be carefully calculated. Due to its larger size than most air show aerobatic aircraft today and its low power-to-weight ratio, the airplane’s flight controls become very heavy during Julie’s aerobatic routine.


A Woman of Distinction

A pilot for more than 45 years and a retired Northwest Airlines Captain, Julie Clark has logged just over 34,000 accident-free hours in the air and is rated in more than 66 types of aircraft. During her 36 year career as a solo aerobatic air show pilot, in recognition of these amazing accomplishments, Julie has earned the admiration of fans everywhere and received many awards and honors.


Some of her notable honors are:

  • 2016 Inductee, Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame
  • 2016 Patriotic Civilian Service Award -Department of the U S Army
  • 2012 Crystal Eagle Award, Aero Club of Northern California
  • 2011 Inducted, ICAS Air Show of Fame
  • 2008 Katharine & Marjorie Stinson Award for Achievement – National Aeronautic Association
  • 2007 Woman of the year, California State Legislature
  • 2006 inducted “Living Legends of Aviation Honoree”
  • 2003 Named one of 100 “Women who have made a difference in aviation, International”
  • 2002 Inducted, Women in Aviation, International Pioneer Hall of Fame
  • 2000 Francis C. Hillard Award Outstanding Alumna, Alpha Phi Int’l Fraternity
  • 1999 ICAS-Best Website, Air Show Performer
  • 1998 The Art Scholl Memorial Award for Showmanship
  • 1997 Inducted as a Member of the Society of Honorary Snowbirds by the RCAF Snowbirds
  • 1997 General Aviation News Flyer – Readers Choice, Favorite Overall Performer
  • 1997 General Aviation News Flyer – Readers Choice, Favorite Female Performer
  • 1993 Inducted, 99’s International Forest of Friends, Atchison, KS
  • 1992 General Aviation News Flyer – Readers Choice – Favorite Female Performer
  • 1992 EAA Warbirds of America: Best T-34 engine compartment
  • 1991 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship

Julie has been known to say that if she can inspire just one young air show fan at each air show to become involved in aviation, then she feels she will have accomplished something worthwhile. She is the personification of excellence in aviation!

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