What are the safety recommendations for attending an air show?2023-02-09T12:25:04-05:00

NAS Key West recommends all patrons bring hearing protection, wear long sleeve/UPF clothing and/or sunblock, sunglasses and/or hats. Be aware of the signs of heat exhaustion, and stay hydrated.

Is there a shuttle from Key West?2023-04-05T11:28:05-04:00

There are no dedicated shuttles from Key West. Guests are encouraged to carpool or use a taxi or ride share service. Please note that all ride share services must use gate at Mile Marker 8.

Can I bring a bag into the air show?2023-04-05T11:28:32-04:00

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: purses larger than a clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, diaper bags, cinch bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags and camera bags or any bag larger than the permissible size. Bags should not exceed 4.5” X 6.5”. Strollers will be permitted but are subject to security screening. All patrons will be subject to security screening prior to entry into the event. See attached picture may assist. Diapers can be carried in a clear bag. Exceptions to this policy will be made for all medically necessary items after proper inspection.

Is the admission fee?2023-02-09T12:26:44-05:00

There is no admission or parking fee. Patrons are welcome to bring their own chairs/blankets. The earlier one arrives, the better the set-up spots. There is a fee for reserved seating along the front line. Seats can be reserved in advance or purchased if available on the day of the show.

May I purchase advance seating to the air show?2022-11-03T12:58:28-04:00

Yes, advance seating wristbands are available for reserved Box seating and the Flightline Club seating area along the front line of the air show. The Flightline Club tickets include a meal. Both reserved seating areas have a full service bar. Reserved seating will be available for purchase by December 1.


Are seating reservations for the entire weekend or for just one day?2022-09-14T00:09:07-04:00

Each ticket is good for one day only — Extra reservations would be needed for any additional day(s) you wish to attend. To purchase reserved Box seating or Flightline Club seating click on the UPGRADE YOUR SEATS bottom on the home page.

May I upgrade my ticket the day of the event?2022-09-09T11:51:46-04:00

If seating is available in the Flightline Club and Box Seating the day of the event, you may purchase at the entry point of the reserved seating area. Payment may be made with cash or credit card. Seating areas have sold out in the past and we recommend pre-registration to ensure seats are available and your group can find seating together.

What time does the show start and end?2022-09-14T00:08:23-04:00

Gates open at 10 a.m. each day and the show is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. The US Navy Blue Angels are the last performers of each day and they go up around 2:30 p.m. The show is usually over around 3:45 p.m.

Is it a different show each day?2022-09-14T00:08:59-04:00

The air show schedule is the same each day. The gates open at 10 a.m. and the show begins at 11 a.m. with the US Navy Blue Angels flying at 2:30 p.m. Low clouds or high winds can affect the performer’s acts.

What happens if it rains?2022-09-09T11:51:16-04:00

We contend “It NEVER rains on our parade!” Some years the weather channel has reported thunder storms during our show, while we were enjoying rain-free weather as the storms passed north of the Naval Air Station. There are no refunds and no rain dates for the event. Check our website for inclement weather announcements.

What is the temperature at the show?2022-09-09T11:51:05-04:00

During the month of April, the average high in Key West is 83 degrees and the average low is 73 degree. We suggest wearing a hat instead of an umbrella because it tends to obscure the view of people behind you. Also be prepared and bring sunscreen with you – the sun is hotter than you think. The average rain fall for the month of April is 1.7 inches.

Is there handicapped parking available?2022-09-14T00:09:12-04:00

There is handicap parking located directly north of the tarmac. Security will direct those with handicapped parking tags to the designated parking area. There is limited space and this parking area will fill up quickly. Plan ahead and arrive early to ensure a parking space. Once the handicap area is full, a shuttle will pick-up and drop-off handicap patrons from regular parking areas.

Where do I park?2022-09-09T11:50:46-04:00

Once you enter the base you will be guided to the nearest available parking area. As they fill you will be directed to parking lots that have shuttle service to and from the show. See the arrivals and departures map for directions on which gate to enter and the locations of the parking lots.

Can I bring a wagon to pull my kids in?2022-09-09T11:50:35-04:00

Yes, the flight line is a large area and is a great option for children that may need a break from walking. Be mindful that strollers, carriages and wagons cannot take up aisle space in the seating areas and have to be stowed outside the seating area.

Are pets allowed on the show grounds?2022-09-14T00:09:18-04:00

No, pets are NOT allowed other than service animals. The crowds and noise are not suitable for pets.

Is smoking permitted?2022-09-14T00:09:29-04:00

Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes is not permitted anywhere on the flight line in the vicinity of aircraft, vendor tents or chalets. Jet fuel is very flammable and as planes are on the tarmac during regular hours and brought in for the show, there is often fuel soaked into the cement. Smoking is permitted ONLY in the designated smoking areas; see event layout for specific locations.

Are drones allowed?2022-09-09T11:50:13-04:00

Naval Air Station Key West is a No Drone Zone. Flying your personal drones in or near the air show display area is strictly prohibited. You could face significant penalties, criminal prosecution or both. Operating your drone in the air show environment is a serious safety hazard. So, sit back, leave your drone at home and enjoy the show.

May I bring lawn chairs, blankets or coolers?2022-08-23T15:38:32-04:00

Chairs and blankets are permitted and recommended for general spectator seating. If you have purchased an upgraded flight line ticket or have a Sponsor ticket, seating will be provided in these areas and you will not need to bring your chairs. Coolers are not permitted. Camera bags and diaper bags are allowed but all items are subject to search.

Can we bring a pop up tent?2022-09-09T11:49:56-04:00

No, due to safety concerns, pop up tents are not permitted. Umbrellas are allowed, but please be courteous to those around you at all time.

Can I ride my bicycle or motorcycle onto the installation?2023-02-09T12:24:26-05:00

Motorcycle riders are required to wear DOT approved helmets that are properly fastened under the chin. Novelty helmets and non-DOT/American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved helmets are not authorized. Motorcycle riders and passengers are also required to wear long sleeve shirts/jacket, trousers and full finger gloves, and over the ankle sturdy footwear.

Bicycle rider and passengers are required to wear bicycle helmets that meet the standards of the ANSI Z 90.4 Bicycle Helmet Standards.

Are roller skates, skateboards, or personal golf carts permitted on the show grounds?2023-02-02T13:22:00-05:00

No, none of these items are permitted due to security and safety restrictions. Handicap scooters and electric wheelchairs are allowed.

Is outside food or beverages permitted?2022-09-09T11:49:33-04:00

No outside food or beverages are allowed into the air show, other than baby bottles (non-glass) and small snack items for infant children. We have a variety of food and beverage vendors who offer a full assortment of foods and drinks. A full service bar and beer tents are available for purchase by those of age.

Do the vendors take credit cards?2022-09-14T00:09:35-04:00

Some do and some don’t, however an ATM is available on the site. It is recommended you bring cash with you.

I’m a pilot and own a small plane. Can I fly-in to the show?2022-09-14T00:09:41-04:00

You cannot fly into the base, however small air planes can land at the Key West International Airport.

Other than the air show, what other attractions will be at the show?2022-09-14T00:09:47-04:00

In addition to the air show, spectators can enjoy a collection of aircraft on display, virtual games and other attractions/displays at vendor booths, food booths, souvenir booths, the Southernmost Car Club, and a kid’s zone with rides, inflatables and more.

Are there Military Discounts?2022-09-09T11:49:05-04:00

No. The show is free and reserved seating has a set price for all air show patrons.

How do I get Press/Media Credentials?2022-09-14T00:09:52-04:00

Media credentials will only be extended to media on assignment. Media Credentials requests must be submitted in advance of air show dates on station / publication letterhead. These requests should be directed to the Public Affairs Office at 305-293-2027.

What are chalets?2022-09-09T11:48:43-04:00

Chalets are exclusive rented areas on the flight line that include seating, tent, tables, catered food and beverages. Many corporations and groups buy chalet packages as a bonus for their patrons or workers. Smaller businesses / groups can buy smaller packages that gain them access to the MWR Chalet or purchase individual tickets to the Flightline Club that also provides chairs, food and beverages for an extra special experience at the air show.

Is there shade?2022-09-09T11:48:30-04:00

General Admission patrons will be under an open sky. Box seating areas are not shaded either. The Flightline Club provides a small area of shade in the back of the seating area. Patrons are encouraged to plan accordingly and bring plenty of sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. We do not encourage umbrellas if you plan on watching the air show within close proximity of people as they block the view of other patrons and present a hazard to people’s eyes.

Are cameras allowed?2022-09-09T11:48:05-04:00

Yes. We want you to capture and share your air show memories. Your camera bags will be checked upon entry. Please be considerate of those trying to view the show and do not block their view by setting up tripods in front of their seats.

If I have a concealed weapon license, can I bring my gun?2022-08-23T15:42:49-04:00

All weapons (regardless of permit) are prohibited, including: firearms, knives (including pocket knives and multi-purpose tools), replica or toy weapons, pepper spray, stun guns, walking sticks (except for handicap use) and all other items that the security force deems dangerous. All patrons and personal belongings are subject to search. Any confiscated items will not be returned.

We ask for your cooperation in keeping potentially dangerous items safely off Navy property. At the entry points to the air show all bags will be inspected and subject to refusal by Security. It is recommended that guest minimize the number and size of permitted items to reduce the inspection time prior to access into the air show area. Please note that all vehicles are subject to search prior to entering the base.

Can you direct me to a place to stay during the weekend?2022-09-07T14:58:13-04:00

Click on the hotels listed below who are sponsors of the NAS Key West Southernmost Air Spectacular in addition to the link at the bottom for lodging in Key West and the Florida Keys.

Are there other attractions to see in the Key West Area?2022-08-25T14:19:56-04:00

Here are a couple websites to research for things to do in Key West while you are here.

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