Arrival and Departure

Arriving from up the Keys – Southbound traffic enters at the main gate at MM8.

Arriving from Key West: Northbound traffic enters at the gate at MM7.

VIP parking pass holders ONLY enter at the gate at MM9.

Ride share vehicles enter through the main gate at MM8 and leave through the same gate. Pick up and drop off location is at the Terminal Parking Lot.

Vehicles with handicap sticker/pass enter at gate at MM8 and park in handicap parking. Once filled vehicles will be redirected to the hangar parking lot that provides a shuttle service to the tarmac.

Gates will close to inbound traffic at 4 p.m. to all non-ID card holders on Saturday and Sunday, April 15 & 16.

All vehicles and personal belongings are subject to a search. The safety of our guests is our primary goal. Please be courteous to NAS Key West Security as they are working hard to keep you safe while you’re on board the installation.