March 30 & 31, 2019

Boca Chica Field, Key West


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Jack Knutson

Jack-Knutson-PhotoJack Knutson and Rob Holland will perform a solo act as well as perform together as “Xtreme Firebirds Air Shows”

Jack Knutson has been an air show performer since 1992 and has performed with three different air show teams. The U S Jet Team performing with three x military jets. The Firebird Delta Team with three Extra 300 aircraft (who performed at NAS Key West in 2004) and The Firebirds x-TREME with Rob Holland. With over 22,000 flight hours under his belt Jack is a true professional as he performs his solo show called the Firebird Freestyle.

The 2 ship Formation Act, rightfully titled “The Firebirds X-treme” is a site to be seen. Jack Knutson in his Extra 300/s and Rob Holland in his MXS-RH have created an extremely high-energy, non-stop, two-ship performance that combines the precision of formation aerobatics with radical gyroscopic tumbles and heart stopping head-on maneuvers. Combined with professionally choreographed music and cockpit narration makes this show a great crowd pleaser.



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