March 30 & 31, 2019

Boca Chica Field, Key West


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Air Boss: Wayne Boggs

BOGGS IS 2012 SWORD RECIPIENT ICAS member and air show air boss Wayne Boggs was named as the 2012 recipient of the ICAS Sword of Excellence during an awards presentation at the 2012 ICAS Convention on Thursday, December 13 in Las Vegas. Boggs was cited for the leadership role he has ...

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Air Show Announcer: Rob Reider

Rob Reider is the most sought-after announcer on the North American Air Show circuit. His talents have earned him the highest award in the air show industry, the International Council of Air Shows “Sword of Excellence.” A former midwest television personality, Rob received 5 Emmy awards for his on-air performance ...

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Michael Goulian

Mike Goulian doesn’t just fly an air show; he attacks it. Millions of air show spectators around the globe have witnessed the ferocity of a Mike Goulian air show performance. Every roll, pull, and tumble of his flight is a deliberate execution of precision. With his aggressive approach to the ...

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Matt Younkin

Matt Younkin is a third generation pilot. He is the son of Bobby Younkin who is considered to be one of the greatest airshow pilots of all time. Matt is also the grandson of Jim Younkin who is well-known for designing Century and Trutrak autopilots as well as building replicas ...

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Melissa Pemberton

Award-winning aerobatic pilot, free fly skydiver and champion rock climber, Melissa Pemberton brings a high-energy, action-packed display of Unlimited Aerobatics with her Edge 540 Aircraft to audiences world wide. Her dazzling performances have been thrilling audiences all over the globe with gyroscopic maneuvers, tumbles, rolls and every- thing in between. ...

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Skip Stewart

The Pilot Skip Stewart is one of the most entertaining Airshow pilots in the world today. He is the recipient of both the 2013 Bill Barber Award for Showmanship and the 2015 Art Scholl Memorial Award for Showmanship. He has over ten thousand hours of flying experience, is an Airline Transport ...

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Bill Gordon: T-6

Bill Gordon is a veteran airshow performer of over 25 years. Bill is the lead pilot of the Iron Eagles Aerobatic Team, a two ship formation aerobatic team. The Iron Eagle has been flying shows for 20+ years and has performed throughout the US and Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, ...

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Rob Holland

Rob Holland is one of the most decorated, respected, and innovative aerobatic pilots and airshow performers in the world today. Flying the Window World MXS-RH by MX Aircraft, Rob Holland brings an unrivaled performance to airshows across North America, thrilling millions of spectators with his dynamic and breathtaking display. Winner ...

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Jack Knutson

Jack Knutson and Rob Holland will perform a solo act as well as perform together as “Xtreme Firebirds Air Shows” Jack Knutson has been an air show performer since 1992 and has performed with three different air show teams. The U S Jet Team performing with three x military jets. The ...

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Greg Shelton

Greg Shelton lives in Collinsville, Oklahoma. His interest in aviation began at an early age watching Borate Bombers in Northern California and listening to his father’s adventures of flying fighters in the U.S. Navy. In 1982, Greg started flying lessons in a J-3 Cub, but before he finished his pilot’s ...

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