March 30 & 31, 2019

Boca Chica Field, Key West


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Bill Gordon: T-6

nas airshow bill Gordon image for bioBill Gordon is a veteran airshow performer of over 25 years. Bill is the lead pilot of the Iron Eagles Aerobatic Team, a two ship formation aerobatic team. The Iron Eagle has been flying shows for 20+ years and has performed throughout the US and Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Tortola.

Bill holds an ACE card to fly Wing walkers and has flown 3 different Wing Walkers on several different Stearman.
Bill spent many years as the Chief Pilot of Old Rhinebeck Areodrome in upstate New York. Bill has many hours in very unstable WWI aircraft such as the Dr-1 or more commonly known as the Fokker Triplane. Bill has flown the Camel, the Fokker DVII, the Albatross, the Spad, the Neiport and the Curtiss Jenny to name a few.

Bill was also the head of maintenance at ORA as well as the rides plane pilot for many years flying the New Standard D-25.
Bill will be flying for American Airpower Museum next year doing Aerobatic displays with the Corsair and the P-40 as well as the P-47 and TBM Avenger.

Bill has more than 5000 hours of Tailwheel. Bill is instrument rated, MEL, SES and Rotorcraft rated as well as holding an A&P with an IA.
Bill is an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator for the air show industry. Bill certifies air show performers to do low level aerobatics. Each pilot in the air show business must be certified yearly. Bill holds a level one surface waiver in 8 different aircraft as well as being approved for formation aerobatics and flying wing walker acts.